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Action C5. Riduction of invasive alien plant species. Robinia pseudoacacia

In recent weeks the cutting of black locust trees is being carried out in the sites foreseen by the project. The activity involves the elimination of small, medium and large specimens, followed by the planting of native species (trees and shrubs).

Invasive alien species represent one of the greatest threats to biodiversity as they enter into competition with native species and their rapid spread often indisputably alters the floristic composition and vegetation of even very large areas.

Action C5 aims at the eradication of Baccharis halimifolia and the reduction of Robinia pseudoacacia.

Unlike the eradication of Baccharis, the intervention on the black locust tree can include a first abatement activity followed by a periodic check for the removal of new suckers.


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azione C5
Adult specimen of Robinia pseudoacacia
azione C5
Adult specimen abatement
Azione C5
Medium-small black locust trees cutting
azione C5


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19/02/2021 17:16:06 CET